The MOVYON system monitors and controls the traffic situation in tunnels to ensure the safety of travellers. It manages critical events and the implementation of planned safety measures.


An integrated system for road safety in tunnels

 Tunnel Management is a modular and integrated suite consisting of subsystems that work together for data detection within the tunnel (such as ventilation and pressurization), monitoring the overall infrastructure status, and implementing safety measures in case of fires and accidents. Real-time data from sensors and cameras placed inside the tunnel is collected by the field system, which promptly triggers all necessary safety measures during critical events. These measures include activating emergency systems (ventilation, mitigation, and pressurization of safe zones), communicating with rescue teams, and providing information to travelers.


Advantages for road managers and benefits for drivers



of the infrastructure, continuously


Enhanced road travel

more safety and security in traffic


Integration possible

with third-party remote control solutions



with current standards regarding safety in tunnels

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MOVYON technological innovation on board the solution


Sensors and automated incident detection (AID)

The radars detect any queues, accidents and vehicles driving against traffic inside the areas of interest. They cover up to eight lanes in two directions and determine the instantaneous vehicle position, speed vector, classification, lane index of traffic items. The data are sent in real time to operating centres, reprocessed to assess various scenarios and used to regulate road travel.


Field system

It allows, in real time, to collect data from the sensors and camera located inside the tunnel and to implement all safety measures required in case of critical events.


Control and monitoring system

It monitors the status of the whole infrastructure, alerts the operator in case of failures, and triggers emergency actions to ensure the appropriate level of service in the tunnel.


Environmental safety

The system is designed to manage draining installations, for safe collection of any noxious materials.