The solution that can promptly call out the resources and means necessary to restore the road system, depending on the alert level forecast.


The solution comprises four systems for snow emergency management at all levels of risk, from the lowest (standard situation with daily ice prevention routines) to the highest (severe situation with traffic jams, snowstorms, and many people involved).

The monitoring system analyzes weather forecasts and plans anti-icing activities. The alert system activates resource engagement, preparing teams and rescue vehicles for heavy-duty operations through specially developed software for making calls and facilitating the Control Center’s work, especially in the case of sudden snowfalls. The management system coordinates the activities of the involved resources: salt spreaders, snowplows, rescue vehicles, auxiliaries, and on-board operators. The analysis system studies weather forecasts to determine the alert level and supports reconciliation and stock replenishment activities.

This solution stands out from standard tracking systems due to the richness of the collected data: in addition to the usual information on vehicle location, speed, and direction, operational data is also monitored, such as snowplow blade pressure on snow and the quantity of salt used through dedicated On-Board Units (OBUs).