The solution that can promptly call out the resources and means necessary to restore the road system, depending on the alert level forecast.

Overseeing, alert, management and analysis of the road system: the MOVYON snow emergency systems

The solution include four systems for snow emergency management at all risk levels, from the lowest (standard situation with daily routine ice prevention) to the highest  (serious situation with blockagestraffic jams, snowstorms and a great many people involved).

The monitoring system analyses the weather forecasts and plans action against the ice-prevention actions. The alert system triggers the summoning calling out of resources, preparing the teams and emergency rescue vehicles for HGVs using specifically-developed software to make telephone calls and send summoning messages call outs, facilitating the work of the Control Centre, particularly especially in the event of sudden snowfall. The management system coordinates the work of the resources involved: salt spreaders, snow clearers, rescue vehicles, assistants and vehicle operators. The analysis system studies the weather forecasts to establish the alert level and supports the summary calculation and stock replenishment.  

The system differs from standard tracking processes for the quantity of data collected: in addition to the standard information on position, speed and direction of vehicles, operative data is also monitored, such as the pressure of the snow clearer blade on the snow and the quantity of salt used through dedicated OBUs (on-board units).