Safety looks to the future

Road safety is an ever new challenge: technological evolution, legislative changes and cultural changes are constantly transforming the field in which this precious game is played.

Increasing road safety is a key goal for the major international institutions. It is a complex target, and developing new technological solutions to address the challenges of ever-changing mobility can help to achieve it.

Accidents not only have a human cost, they also have a significant economic impact on society, which is estimated to be one percent of GDP in the most serious cases.

It is a significant issue, not to be combated by sanctions and awareness-raising campaigns alone: a digital, integrated and technological system must also be created to improve the overall travel experience and make infrastructure monitoring and maintenance more efficient. This is an essential aspect for worry-free travel.

A common goal

The institutions are the first to recognise the importance of this issue. Road safety has been included in the UN Agenda 2030, while the “EU Road Safety Policy Framework 2021-2030” paper calls on EU member countries to step up their efforts in this direction.

In Europe, in particular, there has been a steady decline in accidents in recent years. However, there is still room for improvement.

European Commission Goals by 2030 and 2050

Technology in focus

Technology plays a crucial role in this context. The players in the sector – infrastructure operators first of all – are called upon to work together and face the challenge of increasingly interconnected and constantly changing mobility: just think of the proliferation of vehicles with varying degrees of automation.

In this respect, the National Road Safety Plan 2030 promotes financing of specific experimentations. Moreover, we must not forget the prospects offered by the Internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, which will enable proactive steps to prevent accidents in the future.

Data collection and processing, real-time monitoring and advanced analysis software are therefore a preferential way of creating a safer system to protect everyone.

Movyon’s approach

This area benefits from the work of Movyon, which develops and integrates solutions for safe traffic, both in an urban context and in the motorway network. These include ARGO, an infrastructure monitoring and life cycle management platform based on IoT sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms; advanced systems for controlling and managing traffic on roads, on motorways and in tunnels; dangerous goods tracking and dynamic vehicle weight monitoring.


Traffic Management platform

Our Traffic Management Platform orchestrates devices and applications, collects and processes data


Traffic Control Center

Collecting reports and data about traffic, turning them into targeted actions and understanding in real time the road system conditions has never been so easy.

infomobility card


Interactive multimedia totems: customisable systems with complete information about the road system that is useful to those travelling by road and motorway.


Vehicle Tracking System

This all-round MOVYON solution tracks and monitors the route actually covered by all vehicles travelling on the motorway.


Dynamic Traffic Flow System

Dynamically manage traffic in road and highway lanes to make traffic flow more smoothly.


Snow emergency system

The solution that can promptly call out the resources and means necessary to restore the road system, depending on the alert level forecast.


Weigh in Motion System

The MOVYON platform performs a dynamic monitoring of the weight of vehicles in transit on motorways and suburban roads.


Detection of Dangerous Goods

The MOVYON system that strengthens safety on motorways, thanks to the monitoring and tracking of vehicles in transit carrying dangerous goods.


Road side equipment

The set of electrical, electronic and communication equipment and software applications enabling the transit of vehicles on tollroad and motorway sections.


Tunnel management

The MOVYON system monitors and checks road travelconditions in tunnels, to ensure the safety of travellers. It manages critical events and the implementation of the required safety measures.


Operation safety

The MOVYON solution dedicated to safety on road construction sites. Its heart is SFirst, the app used to track and plan the site throughout its entire service cycle. Safety First.



The Best in Class Asset Management platform for infrastructure management and monitoring.