Dynamically manage road and highway lanes to improve traffic flow.

The Dynamic Traffic Flow System solutions involve dynamic management of the emergency lane.


The system enables dynamic management of the emergency lane. Thanks to an advanced technological platform supporting operations in the control room, the emergency lane is indeed opened as a travel lane to facilitate traffic flow in heavy traffic situations or in the event of disruptions to traffic.

Through radar, laser scanners, and cameras equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms, the system continuously scans traffic, analyzes vehicle flow by making predictions, detects events triggering the opening of the emergency lane, and provides users with information regarding lane usage and speed limits.

Automatic Incident Detection technologies also identify critical events, sending alerts to the central system for the automatic activation of necessary lane closures or openings in a safe manner.

Our competitive advantage


Improved traffic flow

through advanced traffic managemen.


Enhanced sustainability

with significant CO2 savings.


Enhanced safety

through advanced detection and processing technologies.

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