An immersive experience, a co-creation space for a new mobility.


MOVYON has opened an Experience Centre in Milan, with the aim of telling institutions, public administration, media and customers, through a multimedia and immersive experience, about technological innovation at the service of smart, safe and sustainable mobility.

The centre’s contents show stakeholders how digital engineering can generate solutions designed for advanced mobility management, to the benefit of the community and those who manage infrastructures. With the development and integration of field sensors and state-of-the-art platforms capable of collecting, harmonising and processing large amounts of data, it is possible to offer powerful tools for governance, decision support and investment optimisation.

The focus of this space is the control room, represented by a touch table and a video wall through which both technologies already in the field and possible application scenarios looking to the future are presented. It is possible to see applications in use at ASPI for monitoring and managing traffic, construction sites, facilities and infrastructure and for a better traveller experience, but also a 3D concept for toll management and use cases for smart cities.

The centre is constantly evolving, with the ambition to continue to inspire new ideas and increasingly become a place of co-creation with all players in the ecosystem, focusing on the excellence of Italian technologies and skills.


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